The HoloDeck Series: Full Collection

Sounds like some sort of collecters something or the other, doesn't it? Ha! Wild.

HoloDeck has nothing to do with Star Trek, but instead, it's a Creatures fanfic. It spans C1 and C2, but hasn't reached C3 (yet?). If you don't know what Creatures is, prepare to be uber-confused. (Or you can go to The Creatures site.)

HoloDeck is technically a trillogy, unless I do something weird and make a fourth one. Unlikely, since #3 isn't finished. So, anyway, here's links to all three series.

HoloDeck 1: The First Series This one is the first, and therefore, the crappiest. I learned a truckload of stuff about writing while working on this, but ... it took a while, okay? A little campy, a little goofy, a little smile, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants, and it goes on and on, but you get the idea. Eh, other people seem to like it. Most of the characters are introduced here.

HoloDeck 2: Before the Beginning Second one. It's a prequil, which would mean it came before HD1. It focuses mainly on Jenna, with breif appearences from Katherine and Blip. This has no runs or parts -- it's one big giant block of stuff.

HoloDeck 3: Through My Own Sensors Once, can't I stick to a format? While HD3 has runs and parts like HD1, it's a total departure from the other two in that ... okay, look, just go read. This one is the newest, and it isn't completed yet. So go ahead, click on the link. You know you want to.

All these different series stand alone: if you wanted to, say, read HD3 or HD2 before HD1 or something, you could do it without totally being lost. You know what? Order doesn't matter. Just read them all willy nilly. Hee hee! I like that phrase, "willy nilly."

I am nothing if not professional.

FAQS: Over the eons I've been writing this series, I've gotten a lot of questions. I answered them all here, and you're more than welcome to read them. No, really, do it. And if you want to mail me a question, I'd love you forever. Do it here.

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